"We need coherence and national programs for the implementation of European policies. Significant European funds will be available through both the Green Deal, the Just Transition Fund and the resilience and economic recovery program. But these funds do not come automatically to Romania. We must have sustainable and coherent programs to attract these important sums of money ", said Silvia Vlăsceanu, general director of ACUE, during the online conference organized by ACUE in partnership with the national station Radio Romania Actualitati, Rador agency and strategic communication Links Associates, on the topic “Romanian energy policies in a European context. Liberalization of the energy market in Romania”.

Regarding the moment of July 1, it is important that all market players have stability and predictability, said Silvia Vlăsceanu, who recalled that liberalization has been started in recent years, but this process has been stopped. “Any sudden intervention in this process affects market participants and upsets consumers. If we really want all consumers to be well informed, to benefit from the best prices and the lowest possible invoices, then we need stability and predictability and clear mechanisms from the very beginning", she said.

The proper functioning of the electricity and natural gas markets is linked to investment. Even if our country accesses European funds for these investments, we must be consistent in the programs we implement. “And in order to be coherent, we need not only the support and involvement of companies, but also the involvement of the authorities, starting with the Government, the Parliament, ANRE, the Competition Council and all those who have attributions in the good functioning of the market. We can improve competitive mechanisms, including trading mechanisms, but for that we need stability ", concluded ACUE’s General Director.

Regarding the liberalization process, she explained: “July 1st is just the beginning. Consumers will gradually be informed. Information is a dynamic process. Consumers must be constantly informed so that they can choose the supplier that meets their wishes and needs. Even consumer requirements have increased in recent years and this is seen in the diversification of offers that suppliers make to them”.

The challenges of the Green Deal for Romania, the liberalization of the Romanian natural gas and electricity market were the main topics debated by political decision makers at the highest level and relevant players in the Romanian energy industry.

The conference was opened by the message of the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, who announced an increase in the transition fund to achieve the goal of climate neutrality, including for Romania.

The Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Virgil Popescu, spoke about how Romania can make the transition from coal to green energy.

The conference participants discussed the advantages and opportunities that this liberalization brings, but also about the risks. Energy suppliers have agreed that this process is an opportunity to come to the market with attractive offers and to retain consumers, as they are the ones who determine the demand and thus stimulate competition in the market.

You can watch the entire conference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDJ-MQPLs00&feature=youtu.be


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