The electricity transport and system operator, the electricity and natural gas distributors and suppliers are prepared to face the challenges of coronavirus (Covid-19) spread and to ensure continuity of supply for the population and companies, says the Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies (ACUE).


ACUE members implemented management plans that provide clear actions and measures and strictly respect all the recommendations and measures announced by the authorities in order to limit the spread of coronavirus.


Protection measures have been put in place equally for clients and employees by intensifying the hygiene of all workspaces, with a greater focus on areas dedicated to public relations.


ACUE member companies encourage customers to use online invoice payment methods. They also have online or telephonic means for solving various requests that they may have during this period in relation to utility providers.

The operators have already implemented a series of measures to limit and prevent the spread of coronavirus, such as postponing unnecessary business trips, postponing events scheduled in March, holding meetings and conferences with partners and collaborators through audio-video means, ensuring conditions for the employees to be able to work from home, the implementation of a flexible work schedule, where possible, to avoid the busy time intervals of the means of public transport.


The ACUE member companies work closely with the authorities so that the services provided for all energy consumers are not severely affected.



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About ACUE


Established in May 2012, the ACUE Federation has 28 members, including important groups active in the electricity and natural gas sector, respectively CEZ România, E.ON România, Electrica SA, ENEL România, ENGIE Romania,Gaz Est, Transelectrica SA, WIEE, with a total number of 27,000 employees and annual turnover of over EUR 5.5 billion. The total value of investments by ACUE members over the period 2005-2019 is about EUR 11 billion. The impact of member companies’ activity in the economy is significant, indirectly supporting further tens of thousands of jobs.

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