The European energy system was put to the test during this period marked by the COVID-19 crisis, but it has proved its strength, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson told the European Parliament yesterday.

There is currently no impact on security of supply for European citizens and businesses, he said, stressing that "we are at a crucial moment and we must move forward: projects exist, solutions are available, now is the time to act".

The action plan established by the European Commission focuses on three pillars: energy efficiency, renewable energy and sectoral integration.

The European Commissioner for Energy emphasized that the National Energy and Climate Plans are more important than ever, and will be the compass for directing Green Deal investments in the future EU Recovery Plan.

I have called on the Member States to ensure that they are coming with ambitious plans but we are still missing a few plans. As we know, the deadline was the end of last year. We are still missing a few. Last week we had the Informal Energy Council. Those Member States that are still to present theirs have promised do it as soon as possible despite the current crisis. I cannot repeat it enough, without all plans it is difficult for the Commission to complete its assessment! I had planned to come with a first intermediary assessment before the summer but I have decided to wait for all plans to be in. It is urgent we receive the remaining plans if we want the assessment of the cumulative impact of EU level contribution and specific situations per Member States make an impact on the Comprehensive plan for 2030 climate ambition”, Simson said.

Please read here the full speech of Commissioner Simson


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