The members of the Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies (ACUE) express their concern over frequent changes to labor legislation, promoted by the Government over a short time span, insufficiently debated with social partners and without an in-depth analysis of their effects in the economy.

Measures such as introducing a differentiated minimum wage, with a major impact in the entire economy, must not be hastily adopted, without a real consultation of the business environment and an adequate impact study.

ACUE asks authorities to establish a mechanism based on transparent and objective criteria for setting the economy-wide minimum wage, which will lead to its predictability. An ample public consultation process for defining such a mechanism was launched last year, but it was unfortunately abandoned without explanations by the competent authorities.

All sectors of the economy are confronting with an acute lack of labor force, and employers are aware that a higher salary level is an important incentive for occupying a vacancy. This makes us confident that a real dialogue between authorities and social partners will lead to the adoption of durable solutions regarding the pace and level of adjustments to the minimum wage, to the benefit of all employees and employers.

Furthermore, ACUE members request that authorities urgently launch in public debate new eligibility criteria for granting minimum inclusion incomes together with a reformed system for supporting vulnerable energy consumers. The Government has decided to once again delay, this time for two years, the application of Law 196/2016 on minimum inclusion income, which would institute an improved system for financial support for vulnerable energy consumers.

The measure was introduced in the Government Emergency Ordinance adopted recently, which institutes the legal framework for establishing a guaranteed country-wide base minimum gross wage by reference to criteria regarding level of studies and employment seniority.

ACUE has proposed, over the past years, several solutions for lowering energy poverty and for protecting vulnerable consumers. We reaffirm the Federation’s availability to identify together with authorities, through transparent and constructive debates, the optimal measures for supporting those facing energy poverty.


ACUE’s press office




About ACUE

Established in May 2012, ACUE Federation has 30 members, among which many important groups from the energy sector such as E.ON România, ENGIE România, ENEL România, CEZ România, C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica SA, Societatea Energetică Electrica SA, WIEE, WIROM GAS, GAZ EST, with a total of about 27,000 employees and an annual turnover of over EUR 5.5 billion. The total value of investments made by ACUE’s members in the period 2005-2017 is over EUR 10 billion. The impact of member companies' activity on the economy is significant, indirectly supporting several tens of thousands of jobs.


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