The survey among NRAs revealed that innovation is mostly promoted indirectly via the general regulatory framework and/or some specific features regarding incentives for network performance (output-based regulation). Specific actions for innovation have been or are being adopted in several countries, shows CEER Status Review Report on Regulatory Frameworks for Innovation in Electricity Transmission Infrastructure.

About half of NRAs consider that specific regulatory measures for innovation are appropriate, while the other half deems that the general regulatory framework already provides a major stimulus to developing innovative solutions.

The NRA review also identified legislative barriers to innovation (and to implement some of the study recommendations), in particular:

• The lack of NRA powers to implement certain decisions regarding tariffs (in a few countries); and

• The lack of NRA powers/duties (in some countries) to consult the network development plan and to approve it.

In this regard, as recently recommended in ACER and CEER documents, CEER deems that:

• It is essential to provide NRAs with sufficient leverage and regulatory control of tariff setting;

• NRAs should be empowered to approve and to amend the national transmission network development plans.

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