Employers’ Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies – ACUE was established in May 2012, on the initiative of founding members: the Association of the Energy Utility Companies -Production and Distribution (ACUE-PD) and the Association of the Energy Utility Companies – Supply and Services (ACUE -FSC).

Founding associations are made up of the most important companies in the private and public electricity and utilities, such as CEZ Romania, E.ON Romania, Enel Romania, ENGIE Romania and Electrica.


Criterion constitution

The Federation is established at the level of the oil, gas, energy and mining sector, according to the provisions of Social Dialogue Law no. 62/2011 and this Statute, by free will of the founding members.

The Federation is autonomous, non-political, legal entity established as a private, non-profit organization.

Federation is established by the free will of the founding members, expressed in the minute of the constitution of the federation of employers on 5 March 2012.


Becoming a member

Membership may be acquired by any employers’s organisation, legally established, on the basis of a written request addressed to the President of the Board of Directors.

The candidate’s written request must include: name and location; information on heritage; information relating to members of the employers' organization; contact address for electronic communications by mail and name of the person/persons authorized to act on behalf of the candidate. Where appropriate, the candidate will be required to attach to his application an extract from the Register of Associations and Foundations held at the court in whose territorial the employers' organization has its headquarters .

The application for membership will be approved by the President who shall submit it for approval in the next General Assembly session. Decision approving the accession of the new member shall be taken by unanimous vote of the members of the Organization.

The decision on the request for admission shall be notified to the applicant within maximum 7 days after the General Assembly session.


Loss of membership

Membership of the Federation is lost in the following cases:

  • by withdrawing from the Federation, upon notification to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The notification shall be made at least 90 days prior to the date of withdrawal;

  • by being excluded from the Federation. The exclusion will be made only by the decision of the General Assembly, on the following grounds:

  1. failure to comply with this statute;
  2. committing acts that defame the image of the Federation;
  3. committing any unfair acts or causing harm to other members of the Federation and commit any other acts/actions against the Federation or against another member of the family, whose severity warrants such a sanction;
  4. commit any other acts / actions against the Federation or against any member, whose gravity justify such a penalty;
  5. blocking repeatedly and unreasonably or in bad faith decision making process within the Federation;
  6. failure to pay dues to the Federation, but only after a notice in this regard;
  7. other reasons whose seriousness requires the sanction of exclusion.

Untill the adoption by the General Assembly of a decision regarding the exclusion of a member of the Federation, it can be suspended by the decision of the Board of Directors.

Membership of the federation ceases if the organization dissolves.


Members’s rights

The federation’s members have the following rights:

  1. to elect/appoint the board members of the federation;
  2. to participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly by their legal representatives or authorized by power of attorney to act on their behalf and to participate in decision-making by vote freely expressed;
  3. to use in public communications activities or a symbol certifying the membership of the federation;
  4. to benefit from consulting services and specialized assistance provided by federation members;
  5. to require the federation’s protection against interference of relevant authorities in the field of its activity;
  6. to receive support from the federation in negotiations of collective labor contracts in each member companies;
  7. to benefit from any services that may be provided by the organization;
  8. any other rights conferred under this Statute.


Members’s obligations

The federation’s members have the following obligations :

  • to respect the provisions of this Statute and the decisions taken by the governing bodies of the federation in accordance with legal and statutory provisions ;
  • to pay dues to the organization in the established amount and deadlines;
  • not to act in any way which affected the image of the federation;
  • to endeavor to assist in carrying out the federation’s mission, and to support, by any means, its activity.